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3 Things to do This Winter Near Seattle

We’re starting off the year on the right foot, creating lists of goals and ideas to have the best year ever. So let’s keep up with the attitude and enjoy what’s left of our winter. The nice and cold weather will be gone soon, so we have to make it last in our memories and new experiences.

Whenever you’re looking for an extreme activity or something to spend a nice evening with, we got you covered. Keep reading to find three things to do this winter near Seattle.

Things to do In Seattle

Have you ever visited the Seattle Waterfront? It’ll take your breath away with gorgeous views and fun activities such as the Seattle Great Wheel and even on their beautiful piers to enjoy a night you will never forget. They’re open daily with a bunch of shops and restaurants. Explore the piers, grab a bite and take beautiful pictures. 

For a family-friendly afternoon, you can visit the Woodland Park Zoo, the minimum time to spend inside and enjoy all of the attractions is two and a half hours, so keep that in mind so you can go with time to spare and truly explore the wildlife while you learn more about the preservation of species. The zoo is open daily from 9:30 am to 4 pm and you can buy your tickets online.

Why not plan a weekend getaway? Steven Pass is the perfect place for you if you’re into a change of scenery. Discover the beauty of snow and get to ski in a white layer of fresh snow. This resort offers a variety of options, either if you actually want to stay there or if you want it to be a quick road trip with any other stops along the way for you to enjoy. 

Have Fun This Winter near Seattle

Seattle is the perfect place to spend a nice cozy afternoon during this winter, check our neighborhood for endless options to have fun! Spend a nice winter around the people you love and discover this and many more things to do in Seattle!