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Your Guide to West Seattle

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Location, location, elation.

There’s a small town feel here, right in the middle of a booming metropolis. West Seattle has always worked at its own pace, a little slower, a little more relaxed. It’s the scenery and sanity, peace and pace that made Seattle what it was back in the day. For those looking for apartments in West Seattle, this is the essence they seek. But now, all joined with the modernity you expect. But it’s not all bluebirds and cat naps; this part of West Seattle is as vibrant as anywhere. One of the city’s only muni golf courses is down the street, with the beach just around the bend. And the Junction! Blocks away! The crossroads, the heart of West Seattle beats with the rhythm of a neighborhood in action. Dozens of pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants. And true to form – and despite the profusion of high ratings and glowing reviews – all with that more comfortable, welcoming vibe. Plus groceries, boutiques, coffee, everything your everyday needs. And all at your speed.

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