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Income Limited Homes

Maris is proud to participate in the Seattle Multifamily Property Tax Exemption (MFTE) program to provide rent-restricted homes to those with limited income. The maximum allowable income is determined by the city, expressed as a percentage of the Area Media Income (%AMI). For more information on the MFTE program, please visit the Seattle Office of Housing.

Household SizeSEDU studios 40% AMI Max Income
1 person$36,230
2 persons$41,410
3 persons$46,580
4 persons$51,760
5 persons$55,900
Household SizeRegular Studios 65% AMI Max Income
1 person$58,880
2 persons$67,290
3 persons$75,700
4 persons$84,110
5 persons$90,840
Household Size1-Bedrooms 75% AMI Max Income
1 person$67,940
2 persons$77,640
3 persons$87,350
4 persons$97,050
5 persons$104,810
Household Size2-Bedrooms 85% AMI Max Income
1 person$76,990
2 persons$87,990
3 persons$98,990
4 persons$109,990
5 persons$118,790
Household SizeSEDU studios 40% AMI Max IncomeRegular Studios 65% AMI Max Income1-Bedrooms 75% AMI Max Income2-Bedrooms 85% AMI Max Income
1 person$36,230$58,880$67,940$76,990
2 persons$41,410$67,290$77,640$87,990
3 persons$46,580$75,700$87,350$98,990
4 persons$51,760$84,110$97,050$109,990
5 persons$55,900$90,840$104,810$118,790

For information on current income limits click here.
Please send a completed Income Declaration to within 24 hours of applying in order to qualify.


Call: (833) 852-3307