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Must-Have Items for Your First Apartment

Moving into your new apartment can be a little tricky. Once you take that big step, you’ll realize there are so many things you may need and haven’t even thought about! But don’t worry, not all of them are essential. Some stuff can wait until you’ve sorted out your new space. 

Some things are a must when finding your new home. If you’re on a budget, check out these options especially curated for you to upgrade your own space:

  • Kitchen Supplies: We assume dishes should be in every apartment, right? While you get everything in order, you’d want to get a couple of plates and supplies in case the takeout boxes get too uncomfortable while you set up or if you feel like cooking a simple dish during your first days in your new apartment.
  • Give it a more stylish look with some decor: You could find unique pieces of furniture or decor in thrift stores. Any pots for a couple of plants to make the space feel more relaxing, or maybe new frames that go well with the vibe you’re going for will make you see your unique personality the moment you enter any room.
  • Freshen up the place: Having any air freshener spray will not only eliminate any unwanted odors, but it’ll create an atmosphere that’ll soothe you and motivate you to keep making memories and new experiences in your own place. 
  • Reuse as much as possible: Give some of your old stuff a chance to become something new and recycle everything you can. Maybe those old sweaters could become soft pillows with an easy tutorial, or your old bedside table could turn into your new TV stand.

Seems like too much?

Don’t stress! Your home will take its shape while you settle into the new space. You’ll be able to understand which are your first apartment essentials. Take a moment to take in the excitement and joy of moving into your new Maris luxury apartment.

Pet-friendly Apartments in Seattle

If you’re looking for luxury apartments for rent in Seattle, Maris has the right place for you with incredible amenities like a rooftop lounge or a fitness center. Doesn’t it sound great? Contact us to schedule your visit and meet your new home!