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The Best Pet-Friendly Parks Near Your Seattle Apartment

With its vibrant urban parks and green, luscious spaces, living in Seattle is a breeze for our four-legged friends. Seattle offers a variety of dog parks that allow your pup to explore, stay active, and meet new friends, besides enjoying its surroundings and our gorgeous city.

Here’s our selection of the top 3 dog-friendly parks in Seattle.

Seattle’s Best Dog Parks

Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area

Lake access, 8.6 acres, a trail, and various play areas crown the Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area as a haven for every dog. Let your pup burn off energy, running around with zoomies in this exceptional fenced yard. Thanks to the beautiful Lake Washington’s freshwater shoreline, this is the only pet-friendly park in the city with water access. If you have a shy pup, there’s a special area for small/shy dogs. There’s something for everyone. This is easily one of the best off-leash dog parks in Seattle.

Seattle’s Volunteer Park

This spacious, pet-friendly park boasts 48 acres in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood. Seattle’s Volunteer Park gives you and your furry friend the perfect mix of open spaces and shaded spots to relax. Whether your mood for the day is a calm walk or an exciting run, there’s plenty of room and options for fun. After walking your pup, you can enjoy one of the many landmarks or events around the park. As an extra tip, remember always to respect the leash rules and clean up after your pooch.

Westcrest Park

If you haven’t already, try Westcrest Park, a popular off-leash area in Seattle. Along its 8.4 acres, you’ll find features such as a doggie drinking fountain, shaded spaces to relax, stunning greenery, and a small/shy dog area. If you want to explore the trails, you need to leash your dog to ensure a fun adventure for everyone.

Parks Near Your Seattle Luxury Apartment

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by exciting options to ensure an exciting day with your pup. Your pet-friendly apartment in Seattle should be near parks and spaces to let your four-legged friends enjoy themselves. Take advantage of the proximity to these incredible spaces and keep a happy dog.