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Tips and Tricks for Your Pet-Friendly Apartment

We all love our furry family members and would do anything to make them feel welcome in their new home. Small efforts like sticking to their routines, keeping them entertained, and giving them space in your new apartment can go a long way toward their happiness. Follow these pet-friendly tips to keep your dog on a healthy lifestyle in your West Seattle luxury apartment.

Pet-Friendly Apartment Living Tips

Establish Bathroom Routines

When you move into a new apartment, your dog must also settle in. They have to get familiar with the unknown space and the surroundings. So, as early as you make an established bathroom routine, it’ll save them from the anxiety and discomfort of not knowing where they are and what is off-limits. It will also save you from lots of clean-ups around your home.

Keep them Entertained

Toys and activities during the day can help to keep them occupied and happy. Remember that every trick can be accommodated to your pup’s personality. Whether they’re more of a couch potato than an active dog, you can find something that engages them. A bored dog is more likely to get into trouble. They’re curious creatures, so they’ll explore and try new things if they don’t have something to do. Check out these easy ways to keep your pup entertained indoors.

Give them Space to Unwind

Your dog doesn’t want to be inside all day long. They want to run, chase a ball, go for a walk, and see people and other dogs. All this can’t be done inside an apartment. It’s essential to set a time of the day to bring them out and play. Let them enjoy themselves under the sun and run carefree around a dog park. Look for apartment buildings with a dog wash as part of their amenities. This way, you can conveniently wash your furry friend after a long run outside before getting to your apartment.

Get Ready for a Fun Living Experience

Having a dog is one of the best experiences. Enjoy your Apartment in West Seattle with your pup and create fun memories in your neighborhood!