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How to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Wondering how to infuse your rental apartment with style and personality? Even if you have to respect your rental’s rules, you can still make the place feel like your own. For those not sure how to make an apartment you rent feel like home, we’ve brought together our best tips and ideas to make your new rental apartment feel as homey as possible.

4 Ways to Make Your New Apartment Rental Feel Homey

Fill your new apartment with natural textures, light, and living things. If you rent an apartment with lots of natural light, take advantage of this and try not to arrange furniture obstructing your light. This will also help you to maintain beautiful wild plants, or you can put up faux greenery if you don’t have a green thumb.

Some realistic fake plants will give your apartment homey vibes without the hassle of upkeep.

Use decorative pots and containers. Putting your plants into decorative pots and planters can reflect your style and personality. Using baskets woven from natural fibers can give your home a rustic look.

Use lots of pillows and soft textures. Give your decor a relaxing look and feel with the use of textiles. Throw pillows on the sofa, a woven blanket, or faux fur over your couch. A room looks cozier and more welcoming with the perfect rug in place. You can go for an oversized area rug or layer multiple smaller ones to get more of a boho vibe.

Dress your walls with things that bring you joy. You don’t have to invest too much for a wall art piece; you can find a wide variety of prints at very reasonable prices. Get some no-drill hooks and simple frames, and arrange a gallery wall of things you like. Decorate with pictures of happy moments with your loved ones, mementos of previous journeys, art prints, or pop culture references. Fill your home with the things you love.

Beautiful and Homey Apartments for Rent in West Seattle

Make your life at home a comfortable and welcoming one at our luxury apartments in West Seattle. Maris apartments offer beautiful interiors featuring large windows with plenty of natural light, plank hardwood-style flooring, and quartz kitchen countertops. Contact us today and schedule a tour to view your new home!