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Our Top Three West Seattle Nightlife Hotspots

Whether you’re living in West Seattle or visiting, there are a few nightlife hotspots you must include on your itinerary. There’s something for everyone on this side of town, from trendy bars to clubbing to intimate hole-in-the-wall spots. 

2 Fingers Social

2 Fingers Social is a unique West Seattle experience. The movie-themed bar is decked out in 80s regalia, and scenes from The Goonies, The Never Ending Story, and Gremlins cover the walls. Grab a cinema-inspired cocktail and munch on locally sourced snacks while you discuss your favorite movies with friends. Or attend the soon-to-be annual 2 Fingers Social Film Festival to support local filmmakers!

The Alley

If you love speakeasies, The Alley is a must-see! You have to hunt for the secret entrance before getting to the bar behind it! Try a classic cocktail or custom-crafted by the bartender! Give them an idea of your liquor preferences. 

This is the perfect place for an intimate date or friend outing. But don’t expect a large party to be seated. The tables all accommodate 2-3 people max. 

Supernova Seattle

Feel like clubbing? Check out Supernova! This venue is so much more than a nightclub. It’s an art and entertainment venue focused on building community and creating a safe space for self-expression. 

Supernova works hard to create a welcoming and safe environment for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ people in West Seattle. Dance the night away in an otherworldly environment designed just for you. 

Luxury Living In the Heart of West Seattle

Maris luxury apartments are located in a prime spot of West Seattle’s nightlife scene. We chose this location for its proximity to the diverse, thriving city center because we know that our residents value a luxurious urban experience.

Close to everything, but far from every day. That’s the Maris promise.

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