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The Best Apartment Friendly Plants

There’s nothing better than entering your West Seattle apartment and witnessing the beauty of nature around your home. Did you know that, besides making a room look more inviting, having plants around your home can help you feel happier? If you want to know more benefits of having apartment plants and the best indoor plants for apartments, keep on reading.

Benefits of Apartment Plants

When you add a touch of greenery to your home, the space comes together harmoniously. It’s such an easy trick to make your apartment feel alive. Besides the aesthetic purpose, indoor plants come with plenty of extra benefits.

Having plants around your home can help boost productivity, relieve stress, and even eliminate air pollutants. Creating a routine to keep your plants happy and healthy also enables you to stay focused and boost your creativity. 

The Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

  • Peace Lily: This plant is ideal for minimalists. Peace Lily shines from their delicate but vibrant leaves. Their stunning white flowers grace any room they’re placed in. Even when the flowers aren’t blooming, the shiny green foliage lights up the space. They don’t need much attention, and you’ll have fun following the tips and tricks to keep them healthy.
  • Lavender: If you’re aiming for a plant that can thrive on your spacious balcony, Lavender is for you. With various shades of purple and a refreshing aroma, lavender will be a show-stopper anytime someone visits your home. These are some of the best plants for balconies since they tolerate wind and heat. Enjoy seeing Lavender grow with proper care.
  • Snake Plants: Also known as Sansevierias, they are one of the best indoor plants for apartments since they don’t require frequent watering. If placed in direct sunlight, their water schedule would need to be more constant. This beautiful plant grows tall and gives your home the extra touch of green and elegance you’ve longed for.

Green Up Your West Seattle Apartment

With so many benefits and options, finding the best indoor plant for your apartment is a breeze. Enjoy discovering the new addition to your apartment in West Seattle and enjoy!