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Tips To Organize Your Spacious Seattle Apartment

Finding an apartment you love is just the first step; keeping it as organized and neat as you want is the real challenge. Most people may see this as a tedious task, but with practice, it can become effortless. If you want to know how to optimize your space, keep on reading.

How To Optimize Your Space?

Shelves Are The Trick

Most people tend to choose horizontal storage, but we often overlook the potential of vertical space. With the help of shelves, we can optimize the vertical space and give us many more storage options. This can include items like books, decorative pieces, and remote controls, all organized according to their respective rooms. 

Use the Space Over Cabinets

Don’t let the space over your cabinets go to waste – consider using it as an extension of your storage space. If you’re thinking of apartment organization on a budget, you can repurpose some glass jars to help you store ingredients. You can even arrange them as decoration on top of the kitchen cabinets. It’ll make your apartment look fresh and give you more room to work.

Furniture With Purpose

When considering new furniture for your spacious Seattle apartment, opt for pieces that offer storage space or are minimalist in design taking up less room from where you’ll place them. If you’re not concerned about storage, then choosing a less bulky piece can help your apartment look less cluttered.

Under the Bed and the Sink

Don’t let unwanted items take up valuable space in your apartment. Instead, you can get some simple plastic containers that fit under your bed to maximize your storage options. When stocking up on new hygiene products, make sure to have a good container to keep them organized under the sink in your bathroom. Remember the goal is to make the most of the space you have available.

Sparking Joy at Home: Clever Storage Solutions for Spacious Seattle Apartments

Decluttering your apartment may be easier than you think; you just need to make the most of what you have. When you live in a spacious one-bedroom apartment, organizing and keeping things in their place can be a joyful task. Are you ready to use our tips? You’ll love the results.