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Top Neighborhoods to Live in Seattle

Hunting for your new home can be an exhausting situation. There are so many beautiful areas in Seattle that what should be a fun and enjoyable process could turn into a tedious chore. But not to worry, we’re here to help you! 

With an impressive range and variety of cities, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to rent when you start looking for your next apartment.

Best Areas to Live in Seattle

  • West Seattle: This is your top neighborhood if you want to enjoy the beach and still have some of the city life. The casual, unique shops and restaurants target date nights or a lovely afternoon with your family and friends. West Seattle allows you to live in a relaxed space where you’ll find a friendly community.
  • Fremont: This is the place if you’re interested in art. With numerous art exhibitions and fun events for everyone, you’ll find something that catches your eye in this beautiful city. A diverse and vibrant neighborhood that won’t take a break in the best way possible.
  • Wallingford: This city just screams nature. Having the balance of a small town with its charming homes and city life since you’ll be able to focus your activities in one or more of their multiple close parks such as Green Lake Park or Woodland Park.
  • Montlake: If you feel like you need more sunlight to activate your body all of the time, Montlake is the best place for you. Described by locals as a relaxed, perfect place to go for a walk or a run and enjoy the green scenery around the area. And if you’re in the area, grab a nice cup of coffee and take a nice walk around to get to know the area.
  • North Queen Anne: Placed on a beautiful and large hill, this is the perfect neighborhood for enjoying a good view. With impressive architecture, this place exudes luxury. But keep in mind that you’d need a car to move around because of its location. This could also be beneficial since it can help you achieve your daily steps! 

The Best Place for You

Remember that each lifestyle needs a unique and personalized location. We recommend taking a short trip to each of these neighborhoods and experiencing each of their qualities. Take a look at apartments in West Seattle or go for a jog in Montlake and see the kind of life you’d like to live day after day!